Conant Gardens Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments comes up with a new Maschine expansion that covers Detroit's afrobeat, hip-hop, funk, and deep house music.

Conant Gardens
Amp Fiddler

Conant Gardens is meant to capture the soulful side of Detroit, named after Detroit's renowned district, the birthplace of many artists. This expansion is designed to explore the distinctive sound that came out of this neighborhood via tailored drum sounds, percussions and sampled phrases.

The man behind Conant Gardens is Amp Fiddler, the former Parliament/Funkadelic keyboardist and long time mentor to J Dilla. According to NI: "As a producer, the late J Dilla is credited with defining modern underground hip-hop. Dilla's smoky, soulful and sample-heavy sound is recreated by this Maschine Expansion, and further enriched by Amp's access to Dilla's extensive library".

This extension comes with 45 kits that showcase a mixture of one-shot drums and long-sample bass lines. Other instruments like guitars, clavinets and Rhodes piano were also used. Amp Fiddler's riffs and melodies were recorded using his own collection of vintage and modern gear, they are provided in their raw forms as additional melodic Kits.

Conant Gardens is designed for instant use with Maschine or Maschine Mikro. It has pre-programmed patterns that provide driving bass and drum rhythms that span Detroit's rich and varied musical landscape. Artists Black Milk and DJ Dez complemented Amp Fiddler's layered melodic approach to produce the patterns.

Conant Gardens
Conant Gardens

You can get the Conant Gardens extension from the NI Online Shop for $59. iMaschine users can also avail of the compact version via in-app purchase, priced at $0.99. NI will be donating a percentage of each purchase of the Conant Gardens to the J Dilla Foundation".

Additional information regarding this expansion is available at Native Instruments.

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