Concepts and Philosophies - Drum Instruction DVD

"Concepts and Philosophies: A Comprehensive Approach For The Development of Drum Technique" is a new double DVD from Bruce Becker.

Concepts and Philosophies

It comes with over four hours of lessons and interviews where Bruce shares his own perspective and techniques.


This drum instruction DVD is designed to help drummers make changes to their playing by applying three basic principles: Balance, Motion and Use of Gravity. It comes with many insights that can help drummers of any style to be more aware of wrong technique, and become a more effective player.

This tutorial will take you through a series of steps that will help break old habits and build new ones that improve your power, stamina and what Bruce considers as most important - feel.

Bruce will discuss the importance of the physical position of arms, hands and fingers and the effects of balance, weight shift and posture on your playing. Other issues discussed include legs, ankles and feet positioning to help you have a more fluid pedal motion.

The four-hour DVD covers various types of grips, and it teaches various exercises to enhance strength and stretch. Developing better bass drum technique is also explained, along with tips on improving fluidity when playing the toms and the jazz ride cymbal.

Complimenting the lessons found on the DVD are interviews with Bruce Becker's students. Jazz drummer Tony Arco and pop musician Mark Shulman talked about Bruce and how his technique affected their own. Mark was quoted saying: he combines an unparalleled sensibility of the anatomy of drumming with a modern understanding of music and feel."

Bruce Becker has taught or consulted drummers such as Jojo Mayer, David Garibaldi, Daniel Glass and many more. He draws inspiration and knowledge from his close thirty-year relationship with drumming guru and legend Freddie Gruber and long association with the highly respected teacher Jim Chapin.

Bruce describes this Drum Instruction DVD mathematically as being Balance + Motion = Emotion. It offers better understanding of proper motion, timing, posture and placement. It unlocks emotions, feel and imagination while retaining physical fluidity, with the aim of improving the harmony between the drummer and his instrument.

"Concepts and Philosophies: A Comprehensive Approach For The Development of Drum Technique" is priced at $34.99. You can find out more about it by visiting Bruce Becker.

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