Digitech Vocalist Live FX

DigiTech announces the availability of the Vocalist Live FX, featuring over 65 studio quality vocal effects and Live Adapt technology.

Vocalist Live FX

Thanks to its "Live Adapt" listening technology, the pedal makes adjustments based on what it "hears" from the room, your band, and other singers.


Digitech designed this pedal to help enhance and improve vocal performances by equipping the pedal with its own virtual sound technician to make necessary adjustments based on your sound and preference.

Vocalist Live FX has a microphone built inside the unit, this enables it to listen to the room acoustics and actual performance and make smart adjustments to improve the sound.

Before performance, the pedal serves as an efficient tool for setting up with its "sound check button". Once pressed, the pedal will automatically test the presets for current room acoustics, you can then let it pick what's best, or you can apply your own preferred settings.

While performing, the pedal also uses the microphone to listen in to your music and make adjustments to the noise gate threshold to avoid having feedback problems. This smart feature can also be applied to the pitch effect, ensuring that your vocal performance matches the key of your band - regardless if they are in standard tuning or not.

Another cool feature of Live Adapt is the ability to automatically match the modulation and delay effect tempo settings to the music as you perform.

When tastefully applied, the over 65 built-in effects will allow for a wide range of vocal expression, and can be applied to your preference - from subtle to over the top. Notable effects like the licensed Lexicon reverb and dbx Compression and Automatic Feedback Suppression are included in the package.

Other features include a 70 second looper, built-in Mic Pre+ that allows you to engage their channel strip with the press of a button for instant sound changes. The unit also offers phantom power for compatibility with condenser microphones.

Scott Klimt, marketing manager for DigiTech, said "We designed the Vocalist Live FX to help support singers by producing amazing studio quality vocal effects right out of the box that will empower their performances. Vocalists will immediately benefit from Lexicon reverb, dbx compression and Anti-Feedback Suppression that will enrich and enhance any live show."

The Vocalist Live FX vocal effects processor has an MSRP of $349.95. You can visit Digitech for more information.

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I don't see any capability

I don't see any capability for MIDI command input for changing chords or harmony types on the fly via a harmonizer track.