Drop The Beat - Electronic Drum Kit Vest

Drop The Beat is a full featured electronic drum kit in the form of a wearable vest, a cool mobile instrument for drummers.

Drop The Beat

Designed to free drummers from their drum thrones, this vest features sensors that you can activate by tapping, as you would when you tap your lap to a beat.

Piezo sensors have been around for years, but what makes this Electronic Drum Kit cool is the ability to customize the pads and to play drums conveniently on a wearable vest.

To accommodate the differences in arm length and preferences of drummers, the vest is designed to have a versatile setup. It acts like a blank canvass on which you can place the drum pads anywhere on the vest via velcro attachments. You can move the pads around to find the spots that are comfortable and secure them to those spot for your performance.

These movable drum pads feature piezo sensors that respond to your "taps". They act as instrument controllers which you can use to trigger drum and percussion hardware or software. You can customize the sound assignments on each drum pad, and then play them as you would on a regular electronic drum kit, albeit without the drum kit.

Drummers usually just sit by and watch as guitarists, vocalists and bassists steal the limelight with their antics on stage. This vest will hopefully equalize the playing field, presenting a non conventional way to get involved with live performance.

Aside from playing solo drums on this vest, there are a number of other musical possibilities - including having two or more musicians "playing" on each other. Synchronized dancing while playing percussive beats is also another possibility that will appeal to many.

Here is a video sample of "Drop The Beat" as it controls the popular Mac software Garageband:

For more information on this cool electronic drum kit, you can visit Wesley Chau.

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Wireless Electric Drum Vest

Are these available in a wireless system? If so, what is the price range and where can I fond them?