Elektron Analog Rytm Drum Machine

Elektron is now shipping Analog Rytm, a multi-voice drum machine with support for audio samples.

Elektron Analog Rytm

The company describes it as a one stop solution beat machine, with the special ability of infusing samples into its eight analog drum voices.

Multiple analog circuit designs were combined to give the Analog Rytm its eight voices. Each one of the circuits are built to generate specific analog drum sounds. For further sonic shaping and personalization, you can adjust multiple parameters that directly modifies various parts of the circuit.

To complement its analog components, the unit comes with a versatile sample engine. You can customize the "highly bendable" samples and layer them with the analog drum sounds. The company describes Analog Rytm as "the perfect unity of analog circuits, a flexible sample engine, and a lightning-fast digital control system..."

The features does not end with just the analog and sample engine, there are plenty of tools for shaping the "vibe" of the beats. Each drum voice has its own analog multimode filter and analog overdrive circuit, which you can utilize as add-on effects. Reverb and delay effects are also available for adding shimmer and polish to your beats.

Finally, the master channel comes with its own analog distortion and compressor effect, which you can add to your rhythm before it hits your sound system.

Analog Rytm gives you realtime control over your beats with its twelve back-lit drum pads that feature velocity and pressure sensitivity. Being a true drum machine, it can also create its own beats via the Elektron step sequencer, which lets you manipulate sounds on a per sequencer step basis. The drum pads and step sequencer features work well together to give you instant or for highly customized beats.


  • Stats at a glance

  • 8 drum voices, each with: Specialized analog percussion sound generator. Sample playback. Analog multimode filter. Analog overdrive.

  • 12 velocity & pressure sensitive pads

  • Analog master compressor & distortion

  • Reverb & Delay send FX

  • World class Elektron step sequencer

  • Chromatic, Performance, and Scene modes

  • Performance oriented beat control

  • Individual voice outputs

The AnalogRytm is now available with a list price of $1,549. Visit Elektron for more information.

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