eMedia Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method v2

Publisher eMedia Music Corp announces the new eMedia Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method v2 software.

eMedia Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method

The author of this new release from eMedia is Vadim Ghin, holder of a Master of Music Degree in Piano from the Juilliard School. This new tuition software utilizes his extensive experience teaching at Juilliard, New York University, and the Manhattan School of Music, among others.

The software comes with 150 full-screen lessons, where Vadim teaches on playing improvements, how to gain control of the keyboard, and how to develop your musicianship.

This updated version comes with some nifty features, including the interactive Note Tracker and Finger Tracker tools, which listen to and display the note being played as music notation as well as on an on-screen piano keyboard. Some lessons now also come with Instant Feedback. These interactive features work with both acoustic pianos and electronic keyboards. The video & audio are remastered for improved quality and the lesson screens are now fully-scalable.

With the eMedia Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method v2, you can learn to play pieces by famous composers in a myriad of musical styles, ranging from Baroque to modern pieces. The lessons will also tackle improvisation and musical creativity. Alongside conventional scales, chord progressions, and finger techniques, you will learn the blues form, scales, and patterns needed to create your own improvisations and songs.

The updated tuition software gives you more visual options, you can learn songs and exercises from either the music notation or an animated keyboard that displays fingerings in time with the music. Songs and exercises are enhanced by live-recorded audio, variable-speed MIDI keyboard tracks, and colorful MIDI accompaniments. Selected pieces include orchestral accompaniment and even a jazz band to play along with. It covers more than 50 popular songs, including classics from artists such as Beethoven, Chopin and Irving Berlin.

The eMedia Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method v2 is currently retailing online for $59.95. It is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms. eMedia Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method v2 is also available together with eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method v3 in a value-priced 2 CD-ROM set, eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method Deluxe, which retails for $99.95.

For more information, you can head over to eMedia Music.

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