Focusrite Forte - Portable USB Audio Interface

Focusrite brings their sought after mic preamps into a new portable USB audio interface that literally fits in your pocket - the Focusrite Forte.

Focusrite Forte

Focusrite Forte is designed to give you a quality signal path to your computer in an intuitive, ergonomic and portable package. It is housed in a small and elegant aluminum case that prominently features a single control knob and OLED display.

At the heart of this compact audio interface are two-inputs and four outputs that are powered by 24-bit 192kHz analog/digital converters. The ADC is 117dB A-weighted while the DAC is 118dB A-weighted. It uses USB 2.0 connection to let you capture audio directly to either a Mac or PC. The two Focusrite mic preamps work with a 75dB gain range and are remote control capable, just like the ones used in Focusrite's top of the line audio interface products.

Visual feedback is provided by a color OLED (Organic LED) display that clearly indicates important parameters including the input and output signal levels and mic preamp gain. The display lets you see your settings at a glance with its stylish motion graphics.

Control is provided by a single control knob which operates in conjunction with touch sensitive icon buttons to give you control over input and output levels, as well as some DAW control parameters.

Focusrite Forte

To make this portable USB audio interface more ergonomic, a breakout cable with locking connector is used for microphone (XLR) and line/instrument (TRS) inputs. The mic and line-level inputs on the breakout cable are separate, meaning all inputs can be connected simultaneously, without having to re-patch when you switch from one to the other. For quick playback, balanced line and independent headphone outputs are built into the hardware. To ensure stability during use, it comes equipped with non-slip strips on its base.

Although Focusrite Forte is a USB powered interface, it comes with with an external power supply which you can utilize should you need to free up USB slots. Finally, this audio interface comes with dedicated control software for both Mac and PC. They also included a Focusrite Midnight plugin suite in each box, these plugins replicate the classic ISA110 EQ and ISA130 compressor from the original Focusrite Forte console.

You can watch Focusrite Forte's Promo Video Below:

Focusrite Forte is expected to be available in October of 2012, with a retail price of around $599.99. You can get additional information from Focusrite.

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