Focusrite iTrack Dock - NAMM 2014

Focusrite introduces iTrack Dock, a USB audio interface and recording station that lets you neatly dock you iPad.

iTrack Dock

This new interface joins the wave of new and interesting music gear that is yearly associated with the NAMM Show. It turns your iPad or iPad Mini into a complete music recording solution, featuring multiple input and output options for recording and monitoring vocals, guitars and other instruments, while providing a straightforward set of controls as expected from traditional recording interfaces.

The unit comes equipped with a generous set of input options, most notable of which are two phantom power compatible mic preamps - as found on Focusrite's Scarlett series. Additional two line inputs are provided along with an instrument DI, ideal for solo singer songwriters and versatile enough to handle duo performers or even a trio.

The unit features two independent latency-free outputs for comprehensive monitoring - a stereo monitor output for connecting to your powered studio monitor speakers and one for connecting to your headphones. Aside from having 4 inputs and 2 outputs, Focusrite also added a USB port for connecting class-compliant MIDI instruments and controllers.

iTrack Dock is compatible with more recent iPad models that come with Apple's smaller Lightning port, featuring up to 24-bit 96kHz sampling rate. It is designed to charge the iPad that will be central to your recording, and it will also power any USB MIDI device that you connect to the dock.

The interface has an accompanying app called "Tape by Focusrite", a recording and mastering software designed to work well with the iTrack Dock. Finally, all these features are packed into a compact unit that is pleasing to look at. Focusrite's distinctive "Gain Halos" are present, allowing for control with valuable visual feedback in the form of color changing halos.

The expected price tag for the iTrack Dock is $249.99. For more details, you can visit Focusrite.

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