Fujifilm Flexible Film Speaker

Fujifilm unveiled their latest innovation, an electroacoustic film speaker that can bend or fold while producing sound.

Flexible Film Speaker from Fujifilm

In the age of instant noodles and smart phones, manufacturers are racing to create the next smallest and most convenient devices. Joining the race is Fujifilm with their latest innovation, a thin and flexible film that can work as a speaker.

The recent unveiling of flexible display screens was interesting enough, and now Fujifilm follows it up by showcasing their ultra thin electrocoustic film that behaves as paper cone speakers, able to deliver high quality audio.

The possible applications of this technology is huge, imagine having a pair of thin, light and loud DJ speakers that you can fold conveniently into your pocket! It can also be used as compact speakers for next generation portable gadgets and tablets.

The film is said to be made by a unique blend of polymers and ceramics that gives it its ability to produce sound and stay flexible. It is years ahead of traditional film which are normally expected to break when bent. The electroacoustic film was shown to be flexible and sturdy, and it even works while being folded up into various origami shapes.

Since the film can work as speakers, it can also work as a receiver that can convert audio to electrical signals. This film was demonstrated to work as a pickup for instruments, it can even be used as a throat microphone when attached to vocal chords. Innovations like this one is expected to change the sonic landscape and it may redefine how we make and produce music moving forward.

Here is the video that demonstrates the new flexible film speaker from Fujifilm:

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