Godin Distributes Kejam Percussion

Godin Guitars welcome Kejam Percussion to its family, they are now the exclusive North American distributor of Kejam instruments and accessories.


Kejam is a company who manufactures various percussion instruments and accessories. Their products are handcrafted in Quebec to exacting specs with designs that ensure environmental sustainability. Their products include various types of djembe and bongo, as well as modern cajon, they also have unique hybrids like cajon-djembe and cajon-bongo. Aside from instruments, they also offer djembe skins, gig bags and percussion instrument stands.

Guitar manufacturer Godin must have been impressed with their work because they have offered their services to be the exclusive distributor for Kejam products in North America. Kejam is another addition to the growing family of Godin, letting them expend into the acoustic percussion market.

Simon Godin, Accessories Sales Manager of Godin Gutiars, said, "I’m very happy to announce that we are distributing Kejam percussions. When I first met Kejam President, Serge Dagenais, I immediately felt the passion he had for his products. Just like Robert Godin, he has an incredible enthusiasm for what he creates. When he asked us to distribute Kejam, it didn’t take us too long to think about, as Kejam is a Canadian company and we’re very confident in the product."

Kejam Percussion

Serge Dagenais, Kejam President, commented, "Kejam Percussion is very proud to be joining the Godin team. As with Godin Guitars, our percussion instruments are designed with the same level of finesse and precision, not to mention entirely made in Canada. This level of quality is what we offer to percussionists, along with our confidence in the Godin team as exclusive distributors and collaborators in Kejam Percussion’s product developments."

For more information and to check out their various instrument offerings, you can head over to Kejam Percussions.

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