iRig Mic Cast - Portable Recording Mic

IK Multimedia comes up with another cool iOS accessory, the iRig Mic, a compact and portable mic designed for podcasting and recording.

iRig Mic Cast

This pocket-sized mic provides you with a compact recording solution that can minimize background noise, ideal for single source audio recording.

Now you can record audio, interviews, lectures, voice memos, speeches and many more with improved quality. iRig Mic Cast features a tight unidirectional pickup that helps in removing unwanted noise.

It comes with dual gain setting, allowing you to use low gain for capturing audio sources that are near and increase the gain for catching sounds that are farther from your device. With its portability and features, it will turn your iOS device into a useful recording tool for gigs and live music productions and will also perform well with business applications like meetings and conference calls.

The iRig Mic Cast is just about the size of a large coin, and can easily fit in any of your pockets, bags or computer cases. It's very convenient to carry and easily connects with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It's so small that you can easily loose if you are not careful in handling. As an added bonus, this package comes with a nifty tabletop stand for hands-free operation in conjunction with video capture.

iRig Mic Cast

Features in a glance:

  • Stereo mini-jack headphone output for real-time monitoring of what the mic is recording
  • Mini switch for dual gain settings
  • Bumper friendly mini-jack connector that fits with common cases
  • Ultra-compact size and shape
  • Comes with two free iOS apps - iRig Recorder and Vocalive
  • Works with regular phone calls as well as instant messengers
  • Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

Since it works well with free iOS apps, it is virtually plug and play out of the box. Connect it to your iPhone or iPad, run the corresponding app and record what you need.

iRig Mic Cast is currently priced at €29.99. For more information, you can visit IK Multimedia.

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