Ignite Music Creation Software at Summer NAMM 2012

A.I.R. Music Technology joined Summer NAMM 2012 to unveil Ignite, a music creation software that features a fresh new work flow.


Ignite is a DAW that approaches music production in a unique way, by removing the traditional timeline with a more open format that involves tracks and lanes.

Its non-linear approach to arranging will bring users into a whole new workflow paradigm. It may seem awkward at first but the software lets you visually piece together groups of audio to create music - in ways that traditional DAWs would normally not allow. From the images and videos available, it looks like a mash-up between Ableton Live and Garageband.

Ignite is designed to easily capture your musical ideas and produce working music. It has a clutter free "tab" interface with straightforward controls that help in eliminating distraction, and it provides you with all the tools you need for each step of the process. With its interface, you can easily select an instrument, record, edit MIDI in the Piano Roll View, and then organize and arrange clips and more.

Ignite also comes with easy sharing features. It gives you direct links to SoundCloud, Facebook, email and other communication media.

Ignite comes bundled with M-Audio A.I.R. MIDI Keyboards, and it integrates seamlessly with the hardware. Beginning in Q3 of 2012, all M-Audio keyboard controllers will ship with Ignite included, other selected brands under the inMusic umbrella will also include Ignite.

Version 1.0 is specifically designed for keyboardists. Scheduled updates will follow to improve on the creation process. Future versions will cover music creation, collaboration, finishing, content access, publishing and live performance for both keyboard-based musicians and those recording audio from analog sources.


You can check out Ignite in action along with Axiom A.I.R MIDI controllers at booth #800 at the 2012 Summer Namm.

More information will soon be available from its new parent company, inMusic.

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