IK Multimedia iLoud Portable Speaker

IK Multimedia announced the availability of iLoud, a portable Bluetooth studio monitor speaker designed for musicians.


This portable speaker is part of IK Multimedia's ever-expanding line of music accessories designed for connectivity with smart phones, tablets and computers. iLoud is described as a Bluetooth speaker that sounds like a studio monitor, useful for amplifying the sound coming from your instruments or for making quality mixes.

Although it looks small and light, this portable speaker is designed to live up to its name. It is fitted with a 40 Watt amp that makes it 2-3 times louder than other portable speakers of the same size. It features time-aligned 2-way system with custom made neodymium loudspeakers, tuned bass reflex, non-resonant enclosure and DSP processing.

According to IK Multimedia: "iLoud offers an ultra-accurate frequency response, exceptional low-end and stereo imaging that can't be found in any other portable speakers in its category. With iLoud you can be confident that any type of music will be reproduced with the accuracy normally found only on high-grade studio monitors. Even highly demanding sound textures like you find in classical music, jazz or acoustic, will come to life with a precision and musicality that you've never heard before on a speaker of this size."

The sample images from IK Multimedia hints at their marketing strategy, which is obviously targeting guitarists and electronic musicians who utilize their iPad or iPhone.

The speaker does not come with any fancy features, but rather it focuses on transparency and wireless capability. There is only one control knob for adjusting the volume, located on the front panel. Any other sonic tweaks have to be done on the music software that you are using, which can be good for simplification. Bluetooth connectivity makes this speaker very convenient to use anywhere, with less cable clutter.

Having been designed by IK Multimedia, iLoud has the same iRig circuitry that lets you apply real-time sound processing to your vocals or instruments. Other features include a 10-hour normal usage battery power, impressive portability (fits in a laptop bag or backpack), and low frequency extension.

iLoud is expected to have a tag price of $299.99. You can visit IK Multimedia for more information.

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