iRig Mix by IK Multimedia

iRig Mix is a compact and portable DJ Mixer from IK Multimedia, designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

iRig Mix

Following up on the success of iRig, iRig Mic and iRig MIDI, IK Multimedia decided to give DJs a portable gear that they can use with their iOS devices.

Swiping and sliding through a screen will never replace the feel of adjusting good old knobs and sliders, and with that in mind - this accessory features the same controls found in professional DJ Mixers like cross faders, EQ, cues and volume controls. You have 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls. Each channel has independent cue and LED indication It lets you work with a wide variety of iOS DJ applications using traditional knobs and controls. .

This DJ Mixer is capable of mixing any type of audio source, be it MP3 players, CD players as long as it can be connected to the mixer. You use iRig Mix in conjunction with an iOS device to apply beat syncing and tempo matching. A free app called DJ Rig from IK Multimedia works great with this mixer, allowing for cross syncing (X-sync).

iRig Mix lets you have a traditional DJ setup by connecting up to two devices to its two independent channels. You can use just one iOS device and split the signal into dual-mono. This flexibility lets you easily setup your DJ "rig" anytime as long as you have your iOS device with you. You can then easily practice, or even perform in backyard parties or sporting events.

iRig MixiRig Mix

Another unique feature of the iRig Mix is its extra guitar/mic input that lets you facilitate iOS apps like AmpliTube and VocaLive. This gives solo performers an easy way to incorporate effects and DJ mixing into their performance with direct connection to PA systems or powered speakers.

Portability and convenience was also a big consideration for its design, having a sleek look and a lightweight body which makes it easy to carry around. It also has minimal power requirements which allow it to be powered by USB ports of laptops aside from the included power supply.

Here is iRig Mix in action with two iPads:

Finally it comes with four free apps including DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive and GrooveMaker. These apps work perfectly with the iRig Mix for practice, recording or live performance situations. iRig Mix is currently retailing for $99.99

For more information about the iRig Mix, you can visit IK Multimedia.

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