Korg Pa900 Arranger Keyboard

Korg welcomes the Pa900 Arranger Keyboard, a powerful music arrangement tool that features Defined Nuance Control technology.

Korg Pa900 Arranger Keyboard

With double the PCM memory as the previous model and enhanced sound engine, this music making machine has more sounds and more control for crafting music.

With its upgraded hardware, the Pa900 keyboard now carries sounds expanded to 1,200, which would be reasonably enough to cover virtually all musical styles imaginable. The RX(Real eXperience) sound engine at the core of this unit was also upgraded, and according to Korg, each of the sounds available now come with more realism and expressiveness. The internal ROM can accommodate up to 192 MB of user PCM data, which you can use to customize your sounds while retaining audio quality.

The unit has over 400 factory "Styles", each with 4 variations and 4 fill-ins + break. It also provides 15 user banks for storing your favorite customized styles and settings. Thanks to the upgraded sound engine, the keyboard now hosts an upgraded "Guitar Mode", which is said to produce more realistic guitar parts.

The Pa900 has 61 semi-weighted keys, with both velocity and aftertouch. This puts the Pa900 on par with other high-end keyboards and synths in terms of control. Defined Nuance Control or DNC gives you even more control over the sound. It has three assignable switches and a four-way joystick for controlling the articulation of each note you play.

Korg Pa900 Arranger Keyboard

Being designed for arrangement, the control layout is anything but simple. However Korg did its best to lay out the wide array of buttons, sliders and switches in an intuitive manner. A 7" TouchView display is also available for controlling and monitoring your settings.

Other features of the Pa900 include a chord sequencer, 4 stereo master effects (with 125 effect types), 2 global effects (limiter, EQ), double MP3/MIDI file players (with recording, cross fader, and vocal remover), improved lyrics compatibility, SoundFont import function and Micro SD storage.

As a bonus, this keyboard also comes with TC-Helicon's 3-voice Vocal Processor and 4 of their effects, making it ideal for laying down and arranging vocals. The Pa900 features a fully programmable SongBook database based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 and can instantly recall any song settings.

Finally, all these features are packed inside a slim and robust housing, and it even comes with built-in 2x20 Watt amplifiers and 4 speakers.

Korg Pa900 Arranger Keyboard is set for a September release with a price tag of $1,899. For more details, you can visit Korg.

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