Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 Update

Native Instruments introduce the bigger Machine Studio controller and the updated Machine 2.0 software.

Maschine Studio

The new Maschine Studio is bigger and more feature packed than the previous generation Maschine controller, allowing for more control over the software.

It also features new hi-resolution color displays for improved visual monitoring. On the software side, Version 2.0 of Maschine comes with a number of improvements, notably on mixing and track browsing.

These two are the latest in Native Instrument's long list of music production offerings, geared towards DJs and electronic music producers.

Maschine Studio

This new hardware controller is designed to let you control virtually all functions of NI's groove and sampler software Maschine. Since it is meant for Studio and professional use, this hardware is not as portable as one would like, but NI makes up for it by having the front panel filled to the brim with useful controls and colorful visuals.

Sitting in the center of this unit are 16 highly-responsive multi-color backlit pads. The pads provide tactile control over your music, and accompany the music with colorful visuals.

The new Edit Section provides dedicated buttons for editing and a giant jog wheel with LED indicators. The jog wheel provides enhanced functionality for quick track browsing, volume, tempo and swing setting adjustments. The LED indicators provide valuable visual feedback so you are always sure about your settings and adjustments.

The Level Section has a convenient volume knob and a multi-purpose meter display. You can use the meter to monitor master, group, sound, and cue levels, and you can monitor up to four selectable input sources when a multi-channel audio interface is connected. NI equipped the unit with dedicated buttons for fast switching between Maschine Studio’s sampler, arranger, mixer, and browser. These buttons also provide direct access to channel settings and the all-new plug-in strip.

Other features include MIDI connectivity and a built-in collapsible stand on the underside. Maschine Studio is set for release this November and will be available in black or white variant. It is expected to carry a price tag of $999.

Maschine Studio

Maschine 2.0

Native Instrument's groove production software gets a major update in time for the release of their new flagship hardware. It now features a new audio engine with multi-core technology for improved performance, faster load times and the possibility of sidechaining and the ability to use more instruments, effects and plug-ins.

Introduced in this update is a tag-based attribute browser, it makes it easy to find presets and samples. Another new feature is the Plug-in Strip, it makes Maschine's internal plug-ins more accessible because it displays their individual user interfaces rather than just generic buttons and knobs. Another notable update in version 2.0 is the addition of a dedicated Mixer Page, providing detailed level adjustments and flexible virtual routing.

Five new drum synth plug-ins are introduced in this update, with each plug-in catering to a specific drum type. NI describes the plug-ins as: "capable of a wide range of sounds - from crisp and digital, to warm and analog, featuring accurate acoustic-sounding drums." The drum sounds were produced thanks to Native Instrument's experience with software audio synthesis, and because of that - producers have more control over the sound, compared to sampled drums.

Aside from the expanded 8GB sound library, the update also carries some of Native Instrument's popular software instruments including Massive synth, Prism, Solid Bus Comp and the Scarbee Mark 1 electric piano. Maschine 2.0 is included when you purchase the Maschine Studio controller. You can purchase the updated Maschine 2.0 software for $99.

For the complete details and specifications of Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0, visit Native Instruments.

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