Meytal, Luke and Cobus Perform at Drum Channel Premier

Drum Channel's premiere webcast will feature three YouTube drumming sensations - Luke Holland, Meytal Cohen and Cobus Potgieter.

Meytal Cohen
Meytal Cohen

The three musicians will talk about their playing and demonstrate the skills that got them nearly 250 million views on YouTube.

The premiere webcast is expected to generate quite the buzz, especially since three of the most watched drummers on the net will be sharing their thoughts on drumming as well as showcasing their talents. The event will be streamed on November 30 from Studios in Oxnard, California.


Cohen, Holland and Potgieter are among the pioneers of "drum cover videos", these videos showcase the drummer's ability to play the original drum part and insert their own play style in the process. They were able to fully utilize the potential of video streaming and video sharing sites by having the world as their audience. Their ability to both perform the drum lines and capture their playing on film - helped them get the accolade and huge following that each of them now enjoys.

Cobus commented: "Today, drum covers are often over-valued by the younger generation and under-valued by the older ones. Our goal is to explain how and why drum cover videos have become an important part of being a drummer but that they are only one part. Playing along with someone else’s music is a means to an end. Not an end in itself

Aside from individual performances, the Drum Channel event will feature interesting group performances by the three drummers - something that many drummers will be looking forward to. The event will also be premiering new drum videos from Cobus (“The Moment” by Ventura Lights) and from Luke (“Killin’ It” by Krewella). Meytal Cohen will be giving viewers a sneak peek of her upcoming DVD release "Maximum Meytal".

Educational aspects of the Premier webcast will feature the three drummers discussing how and why they started doing drum covers. They will also talk about how they add personality to their performances, and they will share what motivates them to continue to grow as musicians outside of their YouTube fame. Another important topic to be discussed is the role that drum covers play as an education and career development tool.

The live event will be streaming on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 4:00 PM Pacific time, so if you are a fan of these popular drummers be sure to save the date. You can visit for more information.

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