Nektar Panorama P1 DAW Controller

Nektar introduces the Panorama P1, a keyboard-less USB DAW controller featuring deep integration with Reason and Cubase.

Panorama P1

The Panorama P1 USB Controller looks more like a mini-mixer, and comes with an array of controls and features including: nine 45mm faders, 16 endless encoders, 8 LED buttons, 11 transport buttons, 22 Navigation buttons, 11 F-keys buttons, 1 assignable foot switch socket and a color high resolution TFT display. Although it does not have a keyboard, you get over 60 assignable controls available at any one time.

Like the other Panorama series USB controllers, the P1 is a MIDI controller that is fully compatible with any DAW, allowing you to control parameters and settings straight from the hardware. As a sort of specialization, Nektar designed the Panorama P1 to have deep instrument and device control integration for Cubase and Reason.

When used with Cubase or Reason, this controller will let you pick from three modes (Mixer, Instrument or Transport) and automatically configure itself. Mixer mode gives you complete control over the mixer, including EQ, dynamics and sends as well as insert VST plugins in Cubase. Instrument mode provides quick access to all controllable parameters in VSTi's or Reason Devices with simple menu structure that enables users to quickly select the area of an instrument they want to work with. Finally, Transport mode delivers a large font readout of song position pointers, left and right locators, tempo as well as critical settings in transport mode allowing thorough song or project navigation control from within the Panorama P1.

Aside from its MIDI functionality, Nektar also added in a nifty QWERTY macro support. Up to 8 keystroke commands can be sent to a DAW at a push of just one button giving you access to DAW functions and menus not normally available via MIDI. QWERTY macros can be assigned to any assignable button including the 11 F-keys that in turn can be stored as one F-key map to any of the 10 F-key map locations. In addition, Panorama P1 also has 20 preset locations for use in Internal mode with each preset storing P1's controller assignments for generic DAW or MIDI hardware control.

Nektar Panorama P1 DAW

With the Nektar Panorama P1, you can lay off the mousse and keep your focus on your music. Its simple menu structure and instant mapping will give you direct access to parameters that normally live in separate application windows, prolonging the production process and distracting you from what is ultimately important. Controllers like this are made to enhance your creative workflow in writing, arranging and during final mixdown.

The Nektar Panorama P1 is expected to be available for purchase in April 2013, and it will have an RRP of $299.99.

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