Nektar Panorama P4 Now Shipping

Nektar Panorama P4, labeled as the first dedicated controller for Propellerhead Reason software, is now available worldwide.


We have recently featured the Panorama P4, when it was introduced at the recently concluded 2012 NAMM show. It captured our interest just as it tickled the fancies of musicians and producers who utilize Reason.

The goal of Nektar is to create a MIDI keyboard controller that specifically targets Reason integration, allowing you to use the popular Propellerhead software as a real-time hardware instrument. It is basically a 49-note MIDI controller with added knobs and features to let you control Reason seamlessly. Although it works fine with other MIDI compatible software or devices, the Panorama P4 truly shines when used to control Reason.

Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead product manager, spent some time with the Panorama P4 to check out its compatibility and features. On the YouTube video below, Mats shared his experience with the keyboard controller:

Aside from easy integration with Reason, Panorama features 49-note weighted synth keybeds. You can pick between 5 velocity curves, with each one having its own unique response emphasis, able to handle heavy handed players or light touch keyboardists. Other unique control features include Monophonic aftertouch, and zone function.

Panorama P4 also comes with 12 velocity and pressure sensitive Pads. These pads are programmable using the “Learn Note” function and saving to any of the 20 Pad presets. The “Velocity Spread” feature quickly spreads one note across all 12 pads, each with its own fixed velocity, which allows for extremely nuanced dynamics. The “Scale-Function” assigns each pad to pitches within a defined scale for percussive performances with any sort of keyboard sound, while freely changing intervals or transposing the whole set on the fly.

Other notable features include: 3.5" high-resolution TFT display, 16 encoders, motorized fader, 10 assignable LED buttons and 28 additional assignable buttons.

Nektar Panorama P4 is now available worldwide with an MSRP of$599.99, and an anticipated street price of $499.99.

For further information and to check on its complete feature set, you can visist Nektar.

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