Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer - Musikmesse 2013

Clavia unleashes the new Nord Lead 4 synthesizer at the 2013 Musikmesse Trade Show, with upgraded features and layering possibilities.

Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer

This new synthesizer comes in two versions, one with a velocity sensitive 40-key keyboard, and one as a keyboardless tabletop/rack synth unit (Nord Lead 4R).


This 4-part multi-timbral synthesizer comes with a brand new 2-oscillator virtual analog sound engine that is capable of 2x oversampling. This new algorithm will let you recreate all the classic analog waveforms, and with the help of its Wavetable mode, you can expand its sound synthesis to include Formant Wavetables.

As the name implies, Nord Lead 4 specializes in lead sounds, thanks to its True Voice Unison mode which can stack up to four oscillators per voice - letting you create thick lead and synth pad sounds. To make your leads more interesting, this synth comes with frequency modulation and hard/soft sync options for modifying your sounds in real-time.

The filter section welcomes new simulations of two transistor and diode ladder filters, reproducing the dirty and squeaky character of the original. Low pass (12/24dB), high pass, and band pass filters are also available, and it comes with a dedicated filter overdrive for distorting your sound before it passes through the effect section.

p>The new Variation buttons are the most noteworthy new features of the Nord Lead 4. They allow you to override almost any parameter of the synthesizer in real-time. You can change modulation routings, reverb, and LFO speed all at once while you are performing. You have at your disposal 7 assignable variations per program for creatively warping your sound as you perform both sonically and rhythmically - and you do all this while staying perfectly in sync with the other layers.

Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer

To round off its features, Clavia equipped this new synth with dedicated effects that include reverb, delay, virtual tube amp overdrive, a talk effect and a sample rate reducing crush effect.

Nord Lead 4 is handmade in Sweden by Clavia and it is expected to be shipping on May of 2013, with a suggested street price of $2,199. For further details, head over to Nord Lead 4.

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