Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus - New Flagship Model

Pioneer upgraded their flagship DJ Player, transforming it into the new CDJ-2000nexus, now with more features and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

Pioneer is going all out with Wi-Fi technology, releasing more Wi-Fi capable DJ gear after they unveiled the Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System.

The CDJ-2000nexus builds on its successful predecessor, the CDJ-2000, with new features and full multi-media capability. Instead of getting music from "CDs", you can now have all sorts of music sources.

Thanks to the rekordbox software, this deck will let you prepare sets and playlists via your Mac or Windows computer/tablet, or you can even use your Android or iOS smart phone. You can then load the music you want via USB, or load them wirelessly for even more convenience.

This new DJ gear allows for four-deck rekordbox Beat Sync. It has dedicated controls for Master and Sync which lets you pick the songs that you want to automatically beat-match to the master deck. These features expand the capabilities of DJ to do tasteful and synced loops during live performances.

The rekordbox software will analyze your tracks and gives you a useful traffic light system that gives you a good visual on which songs will mix well with the master deck. This works along with the Master Tempo, which changes the music speed without altering its pitch. Pioneer improved the quality of its speed alteration, which they claim now works without artifacts up to ±16%.

Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus
Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

Another nifty feature of the CDJ-2000nexus is called Slip Mode, it reduces the risks you take when looping or scratching. Slip Mode lets you do live edits while the music is playing muted in the background. You can also use rekordbox to set automatic loops in any track. Other technological upgrades include Quantize functions, letting you create cues and loops that are in perfect sync with your music.

Here is the Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus in action:

The important features of the original CDJ-2000 was retained, including its 206mm jog wheel and on-the-fly playlist editing. As expected from Pioneer's DJ products, this one comes in a sturdy and robust build. You can get more information about the CDJ-2000nexus from Pioneer DJ USA. It is expected to be available around the end of September 2012, with an expected retail price of around $2430.

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