Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

Pioneer introduces the CDJ-900NXS, the next generation CD player for DJs that comes bundled with rekordbox software.

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

It builds up on the previous generation CDJ-900, now featuring a new color LCD display and improved music library functionality and compatibility.

The biggest change to the CDJ-900NXS is its full color LCD display that allows for improved browsing of tracks and more precise loops and queues.


The new screen makes track browsing more quick and convenient, which means that you can be confident about being spontaneous - picking the best tracks to complete your gig. Wave Display also benefits from the new display, and it now features Wave Zoom, which allows for more accurate cues and loops.

Rekordbox software is a powerful pre-gig tool for DJs, it analyzes tracks and manages them so that they are suitable for DJ sets. Since it runs both on iOS and Android, you can prepare for your gig using your phone while on the go! Rekordbox will also let you mark key points on your tracks so that the display can show you a countdown from 64 bars away. Phase meter is another nifty addition, showing you the position of the beat in the bar.

More than just a CD player, CDJ-900NXS is capable of playing media wirelessly from a computer that is on the same Wi-Fi network. It can also play music from your media player that is connected to a Lan hub or via USB. This gives you a wide range of media input options and it supports a variety of media formats including AIFF, MP3, AAC and WAV.

This player comes with essential DJ tools that include Beat Divide, Beat Sync, Quantize and Slip, allowing for excellent track and mix manipulation. Other features include MIDI control, customized settings, Traffic Light, Active Loop and one button 4 beat loop creation.

Check out the CDJ-900NXS in action:

The CDJ-900NXS is expected to retail for around $1900 and is scheduled for worldwide release on December. You can visit Pioneer DJ for more information.

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