Pioneer DDJ-WeGo DJ Controller

Pioneer introduces the DDJ-WeGo DJ Controller, combining style and portability with built-in multi-colored lights and effects.


DDJ-WeGo is easy to setup, making it a good entry level DJ controller, experienced DJs on the other hand will appreciate its easy to carry design and colorful style.

The most eye catching feature of the DDJ-WeGo is its customizable multi-colored LED light. These LED lights are built into the Jog dial, letting you color match your performances in style. You can also create mix arrangements with various colors that respond to the beat.

Another cool feature of this DJ controller is the "Pulse Control", which gives you and your audience visual confirmation of the beat via light pulses. The multi-colored lights respond to syncing and music loading and it varies dynamically along with the parameters of the sound effects that you apply.

To better utilize the color customization feature, DDJ-WeGo DJ controllers come in five different body colors - Black, White, Violet, Red and Green. Upon picking your hardware color, you can then match it with the multi-colored LED on the Jog dial.

Pioneer DDJ-WeGo DJ Controller

Aside from style, this DJ controller offers portability thanks to its compact design. It can easily be stored and can be also be conveniently set-up without taking much space. For even more portability and convenience, this device is USB bus powered, getting its power supply from your computer. This portability features make it easy to carry around, letting you DJ virtually anywhere as long as you bring your laptop.

DDJ-WeGo supports various DJ software, and comes with its own software - Virtual DJ Limited Edition. It comes with its own diverse effects and essential DJ tools like looping, sampling and even allows 4-channel mixing.

Check out DDJ-WeGo in action:

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Can you run traktor with this? and is it worth buying?

It works with Traktor

Yes it does work with Traktor - here is the information provided by Pioneer:

Please use this Setting File in this page when you use DDJ-WeGO
as a controller for "TRAKTOR PRO 2 Ver 2.6.0" supported by Native Instruments.
This Setting File is required when Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO 2 Ver.2.6.0 is used with DDJ-WeGO.
There are some precautions before using.

-Need to update DDJ-WeGO Firmware to the latest one(Ver.1.05 or later).
-Need to update TRAKTOR PRO2 to Ver.2.6.0.

Download Setting file for TRAKTOR PRO2

Refer to the Import guide of Setteig file for TRAKTOR PRO 2 below
TRAKTOR PRO 2 Import Guide

Refer to Hardware diagram below for TRAKTOR PRO 2
Hardware diagram

List of MIDI Messages

Pioneer 13 DDJ-WeGo

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Do you have any idea what

Do you have any idea what you're trying to say? I don't.