Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System

Pioneer unveils the XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System, it lets you play and mix media from smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi connection.

Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System

This DJ gear aims to free DJ's from wires and cables, allowing for hassle free setups, just load music wirelessly from various devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

XDJ-Aero opens its own private Wi-Fi network, which allows you to connect to up to four wireless devices at once. This means that you can get your DJ friends or even someone from the crowd, to contribute by uploading their favorite tracks to the XDJ-Aero from their own smartphones or tablets.

The XDJ-Aero can also be used as a traditional player and mixer. The mixer part is equipped with ports for the connection of external hardware such as CDJ players and turntables, etc., so it can also be used as an independent 2-channel mixer.

The most prominent part of the XDJ is ofcourse its Jog Drums, it lets you play music and perform DJ Scratches. Above the jog drums, you will see the sample launch area where you can use its four built-in sound - Scratch, Horn, Siren, and Laser. Users can also play with sounds stored on USB memory, compiled with the “rekordbox™” music management software using these buttons. These 4 buttons [1-4] will work as Sample Launch triggers after a firmware upgrade.

Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System

Just like the other DJM series mixers, “Beat Effects” are loaded in each player, you can choose from four effects - Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll. You can use these effects for each piece of music being played, and the number of beats and effect levels can be changed so that users can enjoy diverse types of DJ performance. Finally, the XDJ-Aero also comes with a “Sound Color Filter”, loaded in each channel of the mixer. This allows for dynamic arranging and mixing of music.

Other features include beat sync, auto-mix, direct USB recording, Auto Beat Loop, channel faders, quantize functions, LCD screen and an independent three-band equalizer. DJ software MIDI/HID control is possible, and it has a built-in audio interface and a microphone input jack.

Aside from cool features, the XDJ-Aero comes in a slim and stylish design to look good in any interior, with a smoke-colored acrylic panel around a slim, rounded case. The blue and white LEDs illuminating the low-profile JOG and control buttons make the XDJ Aero a pleasure to look at.

Check out the XDJ-Aero DJ System in action:

The suggested retail price for the Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System is $1,399

The XDJ-Aero's wireless functionality is an enticing feature, for further details, you can visit Pioneer DJ.

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This Pioneer DJ system

This Pioneer DJ system really seems to make things easier and safer. I can imagine how it simplifies things for DJ's whos doing a set at venues. The Wireless capability provides an easy hassel free setup way for DJ's, wireless is definately the way to go! Thanks for post.