Pioneer XDJ-R1

Pioneer introduces the XDJ-R1, an all-in-one DJ system that you can control via your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Pioneer XDJ-R1

This MIDI controller brings together a wealth of features including dual CD/USB deck, a full pledged DJ mixer, and software control.


The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is designed to provide DJs everything that they need in one unit, injecting modern remote control compatibility into a full featured hardware controller. This means that you no longer have to worry about building a multi-part DJ rig along with the multiple cable connections that go with it.

The convenience of instantly switching between multiple sources is provided by the unit, featuring dual CD, USB and MIDI inputs. It can play AAC ( via USB only), MP3, WAV, AIFF and 24-bit files. To get the most out of the controller, you can analyze your preferred tracks prior to performance via the bundled rekordbox DJ software. Once analyzed and and loaded via USB, you can access a host of features including Beat Sync and Quantized Beat FX.

Features found on other high end Pioneer "Pro" controllers are available in the XDJ-R1. You get tap tempo, auto loops and beat sync. You can have three hot cues per deck, and it comes with sound color effects (pitch, crush, filter and noise), as well as beat effects (flanger, echo, trans and roll). Other DJ friendly features include sampling, quantization, and a 3-band isolator with kill - all of which are designed to simplify preparation and improve DJ performance.

This controller comes with a VirtualDJ LE software, but it will work with all of the latest DJ software. It will also be compatible with the upcoming Virtual DJ LE (4 decks), which is scheduled to be available mid-June.

Unique to the XDJ-R1 is its remote control capability. It creates a private wireless LAN of which you can connect to for remotely controlling the hardware. You can utilize this feature by installing the Remotebox app on your iOS device, this app turns your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch into a versatile remote control. The remote control capability will allow DJs to leave their DJ booths with confidence while interacting with the crowd.

For the complete specifications of the XDJ-R1, you can visit Pioneer DJ.

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