Porter & Davies at Musikmesse 2013

Porter & Davies, the company behind the BC2 and BC Gigster personal drum monitoring systems, joins Musikmesse for the first time this year.

BC Gigster personal drum monitoring system

They will be showcasing their products at Musikmesse 2013, at the Fischer Amps booth in Frankfurt, Germany from April 10 to 13, 2013.

Their personal drum monitoring system has been gaining traction among drummers because of its unique approach to hearing your playing, adding the feel element into the equation. It does this by converting the audio signals from the bass drum microphone or electronic drum kit into a physical pulse that is sent to the player's body via a modified drum throne. You can literally feel your playing through your behind.

Aside from conventional audio monitoring, this system will let you "feel" the sound via the drum throne using their Bone Conduction technology. The drum throne sends pulses that represent your kick drum playing in real-time, letting you feel the groove in loud situations where traditional audio-monitoring may not suffice. With this technology you can hear the sound both internally and externally, which will improve your drum monitoring experience, and ultimately will help you play better. It is a cool concept that has many drummers intrigued, and we understand why.

Now is your chance to try out their unique product. At Musikmesse, attendees can sample the BC drum monitoring technology first hand. Along with it, Porter & Davies will also feature their other products including thrones, cases and accessories at the booth of their recently appointed German distributor - Fischer Amps. Their booth is located at A65 in Hall 8.

For more information about their appearance at Musikmesse, and to learn more about their unique drum monitoring product, you can visit Porter and Davies.

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