Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesis

Propellerhead announces their latest Rack Extension for Reason, the PX7 FM Synthesizer, a six operator FM synth.

Propellerhead PX7

This plugin is a based on the popular Yamaha DX7 Series keyboards, carrying its various of synth sounds, from '80s bass and brass synth up to modern synth textures.

Just like hardware FM (Frequency Modulation) synths, the PX7 generate sound by layering or modulating the frequency of sine wave oscillators, called operators. There are 32 selectable algorithms that decide how the operators are connected and modulated. Propeller head upgraded the envelopes, making them more advanced than those on typical synths, giving them a number of different breakpoints for precise control over the modulation.

Aside from faithfully reproducing the sounds of the classic synth keyboard, Propellerhead added many improvements, most notable of which are the macro controls for quick adjustments of sounds, and stereo panning.

Since PX7 is fully integrated with the Reason Rack, it gives you more control and sound options compared to regular plugins. You can create layered sounds, combining it with effects and you can control operator levels through the CV.

Here is the official video demo from Propellerhead:

The PX7 Rack Extension comes with a set of new patches for PX7 and Reason’s Combinator, from “talking” bass sounds to evolving pads. Additionally, the PX7 FM Synthesizer is patch-compatible with the Yamaha DX7, which means you can apply any of your DX7 patches to the plugin. It also comes with hundreds of patches originally created for the DX7, opening up a wide variety of synth sounds.

Check out the some of the sound samples here:

To use the DX7 patches, Propellerhead provides an online patch converter that takes patches in Yamaha DX7 format and converts them to PX7 patches, this gives you access to even more presets that should literally cover all styles of music.

The Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer is now available, carrying a price tag of $99. You can head over to Propellerhead for more information.

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