Radial ChainDrive

Radial expands their 500 series audio modules yet again with the ChainDrive, a 1X4 line level distribution amplifier.

Radial ChainDrive

This new module allows you to simultaneously send an audio signal to multiple processors and audio systems, giving you unprecedented convenience in "audio chaining".


The ChainDrive is a compact "distro" module that lets you conveniently setup unique and unconventional signal paths. With it, you can apply multiple effects to your audio simultaneously with output control for testing and balancing.

Although it can help you get complicated audio signal paths, the design is surprisingly easy. You just connect to the module via the rear panel XLR input and it will then feed it to the four corresponding 1/4" TRS outputs on the front panel. Its flexible circuit design will let you feed both balanced and unbalanced signals and as well as accommodate unbalanced stereo sources.

This module can let you send a pre-recorded track to multiple dynamic processors to create multi-band compression. Guitarists with multiple amps and pedals can also use the ChainDrive to split their signal into various amplifiers and effects without affecting the quality of the sound. Each TRS signal path may also be used to distribute a stereo signal such as a CD or iPod and feed it to four stereo destinations.

Those with a Radial Workhorse may connect to the ChainDrive via the XLR, ΒΌ" TRS input or D-Sub. Designated as an unbalanced input, the ChainDrive's Omniport input automatically converts the unbalanced signal to a balanced line so that it can then feed other 500 series modules.

Radial summarized the ChainDrive module by saying: "The ChainDrive is a unique tool designed for creative engineers who are looking to expand the sonic landscape by adding more routing flexibility than ever before!"

The estimated retail price for the ChainDrive is $350. For more information, you can head over to Radial Engineering.

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