Radial Engineering Submix

Radial Engineering introduces the Submix 4x1 mixer, producing low noise at all levels thanks to Radial's dual-gang Accustate circuit .

Radial Engineering Submix

This mini mixer has four front-mounted 1/4" input connecters that lets you adjust sensitivity with gain, without the need for a level reducing pad.


The new Radial Submix is part of their 500 series racks, it is designed to be conveniently used with high output line level sources and low level instruments.

This makes the Submix an essential tool for combining multiple audio sources such as line level devices, instruments and effects. It is also ideally designed for keyboards, samplers and drum machines that need to be mixed into the audio chain without further hassles.

The four inputs have dedicated level controls that are easy to monitor and control. Adjusting these level knobs simultaneously sets the input sensitivity and the gain to get the best signal-to-noise.

This feature enables the Submix to easily interface both instrument and line level inputs while employing a traditional virtual-earth mix-buss circuit topology. In layman's terms, these features result in a quiet performance and output .

According to Radial, the Submix is an innovative studio tool designed to manage audio signals and open the door to creative new patching options.

Following the same virtual earth mix buss design from classic consoles, the Submix can be cascaded without adding noise in order to create larger mix formats.

The Radial Submix is currently shipping with a price tag of around $350. You can find out more about this new mixer by visiting Radial Engineering.

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