RapidComposer 2.0 Update

MusicDevelopments updated their RapidComposer software to v2, now with improved interface and reliability.

RapidComposer 2.0 Update

RapidCompser is a music prototyping software designed to help composers, song-writers and musicians as they make new music. It is a unique tool that offers non-destructive, phrase-based music composition. It has advanced tools for phrase editing, phrase generation, phrase grouping, motif development and chord progression editing, which greatly expands your musical/compositional vocabulary.

The update brings a newly redesigned user interface that makes it easy to use even in small resolutions. Version 2 also brings workflow improvements for faster and intuitive use.

Here are the changes in RapidComposer Version 2:

  • The user interface was rewritten to give you everything you need right at your fingertips, regardless of screen resolution.
  • It offers more chord notations, and now the chords and progressions can be based on scale degrees
  • You can cut/copy/paste works for phrases
  • The structure editor was simplified
  • You can now drag and drop MIDI tracks or composition to your favorite DAWs
  • The Idea Tool was enhanced, it now generates a new composition by simply pressing a key
  • It has a new recovery feature that will recover your composition in case the program or a plug-in crashes

RapidComposer and RapidComposer LE are now available at a promotional discounted price of $224 and $89 until the end of March. You can find out more about this software by visiting Music Developments.

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