Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion

Raw Voltage is a new Maschine Expansion from Native Instruments that features the sound of a modular synthesizer system.

Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion

This expansion pack is meant for use with Maschine or Maschine Mikro, packed with kits, instruments and patterns based on analog synthesis.

Raw Voltage is taken from a unique custom modular system used and created by Norwegian synthesis expert Roger Grønberg (Frodebeats). The system includes modules from Modcan, MOTM, Oakley, CGS, STG, Encore, Buchla plus many unique custom and DIY modules, as well as analog synthesizers like Arp Odyssey/2600 and Korg MiniKorg 700s.

According to the Press Release, Raw Voltage is meant to give you a wide range of synth sounds from grainy, noisy and raw - to sleek, cool and clinical. The sounds are sampled from a one-of-a-kind analog modular system, inspired in part by experimental and avant-garde electronica. The drum and percussion sounds are punchy, loud and direct, while the sampled basses, leads, pads and soundscapes are rich in detail and analog atmosphere. This expansion pack comes with 140 patterns that cover the usual steady and flowing rhythms, and even broken or jagged beats.

Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion

Raw Voltage integrates the sound of modular analog synthesis into Maschines well known production workflow, allowing you to easily infuse these analog synth sounds into your musical projects, be it hip-hop, techno or electronica.

You can avail of Raw Voltage online via the NI Shop for $59, iMaschine users can also avail of the compact version of Raw Voltage, for use with their iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad for only $0.99.

For more information on Raw Voltage, you can visit Native Instruments.

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