Reason 7 Update

Propellerhead releases a major update to its popular music production software - Reason 7.

Reason 7

The new update is meant to inspire more creativity, featuring an improved sequencer, more streamlined mixing system, and enhanced rack.

Headlining the new features of Reason 7 is the new External MIDI instrument. It serves as a gateway that lets you interface your favorite hardware directly to Reason's virtual rack. With this update, you can now sequence and control your classic synths or other MIDI-enabled gadgets. It will also allow you to interface your hardware with Reason's Pulsar Dual LFO, Matrix Pattern Sequencer and the RPG-8 Arpeggiator.

The new Spectrum EQ enhances your mixer experience, as it lets you visualize your sound. It is directly integrated into the big mixer and lets you sculpt the equalization curve and see the result in real time. You can use it to spot problematic frequencies that you sometimes can't hear. It can also help you carve out frequency curves that help instruments sit side by side in your mix without fighting for space.

Another cool addition to Reason 7 is the new Audiomatic Retro Transformer. Like popular retro photo apps that are now commonly used on images, this new feature gives you convenient and easy to use "filters" that will give you retro sounding tracks. You can choose between 16 snapshots including vinyl, VHS, gadget or even mp3 to instantly modify the character of your track.

For more precise qauntization, Propellerhead introduces Audio Slice Markers. It will help you rephrase, and even experiment beyond what you would normally do. Like Reason's popular legendary time stretch effect, these quantizatuib us expected to sounds just as impressive. The Reason Sequencer is also updated, it now allows you to slice and work with audio directly or you can move audio to the Dr. Octorex Loop Player.

Reason 7 also brings improved audio importation, as it now supports aac, mp3, wma and more. The Factory Sound Bank is also upgraded, now with more loops and drum kit samples that you can easily throw into your project.

Suggested Retail Pricing:

  • Reason 7 - $449
  • Reason 7 Upgrade from previous version - $129
  • Balance and upgrade to Reason 7 - USD $449
  • Audiomatic Retro Transformer Rack Extension - USD $49 (FREE for Reason 7 owners)

    More information about the new Reason 7 upgrade along with Reason Essentials 2 are available at Propellerhead.

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