Reloop Tape

Reloop Tape is a portable audio recording interface that reminds you of the mixtape era with its retro style cassette chassis.

Reloop Tape

For those who are not familiar with the mixtape, it is a cassette tape that contains a set of songs arranged in a "playlist". Aside from various tracks, musicians and artists also use it to record various audio sources, including songs, vocals and even instruments.

Now Reloop is about to bring the same mixtape functionality and appeal into their latest portable recording device, capturing songs and ideas in nostalgia induicing style.

Since this product is from Reloop, it has features that make it useful for DJs, allowing for quick and easy recording anytime and anywhere inspiration strikes.

To user Reloop Tape, you simply have to connect your USB drive, your mixer and your input cable and press the record button. The device will then capture your audio as MP3s, saving them directly onto your USB drive. Having been saved as MP3s, your quick recordings are assured to be easy to share and easy to access. You can use it in various situations that call for quick setup recording.

For something this small, Reloop Tape has a surprising number of connectivity features. This modern mixtape comes with a phono/line switch that includes a GND grounding post, making it useful for tasks like digitizing vinyl classics. It also comes with a smart through port which routes the signal to an amplifier or speaker allowing for versatile connections.

Another noteworthy feature of this handy recording tool is its LED status indicators. These lights indicate connection, power and input levels, providing simple visual indication of its operation.

Here is a video that further highlights the features of Reloop Tape:

It is expected to retail for around £97 in the end of January 2013. For more information, you can visit Reloop.

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