ROLI Seaboard Grand Instrument: A Unique MIDI Controller

ROLI introduces the Seaboard Grand Instrument, a unique MIDI controller that utilizes soft silicon keys for improved control and expression.

Seaboard Grand

The Seaboard controller is basically a supercharged piano, having the same note format but with expanded sensitivity. It features soft three-dimensional keys where pitch, volume and timbre respond directly to minute pressure changes that your fingertips exerts. This allows for expressive playing on a keyboard that was previously impossible.

Since it follows familiar keyboard format, piano and keyboard players will find the interface familiar, but exploring its expressive possibilities will probably take some time. As the demo video showed, this controller can accurately simulate a variety of note techniques including bends, subtle vibratos, horn swells and probably many more.

At the heart of this new product what ROLI calls as "SEA" (Sensory, Elastic and Adaptive) disruptive platform sensor technology. This patent pending interface is said to be highly precise, pressure-sensitive and can be crafted into any shape. In fact, the Seaboard is just one facet of what the SEA technology can do, as it can be applied on other electronics that require precise 3-D control. ROLI is currently developing further applications in music, personal computing, robotics, medical devices, gaming, and vehicular and machine control.

In April of 2013, a limited run of 88 Seaboard Grands will be available for preĀ­order worldwide. They will be hand-assembled in the ROLI studio in the heart of Dalston, East London. Each one will be named after a particular note on the piano keyboard, from A0 to C8.

Premiering the Seaboard at the 2013 South by Southwest music conference will be acclaimed keyboard player Jordan Rudess. The Dream Theater keyboardist will demonstrate the controller's musicality and versatility.

For more information, and to preorder this unique instrument controller, you can head over to ROLI.

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