Schertler Expands to Europe, Asia and Oceania

Schertler grows their international distributor network and welcomes new partners in Asia, Oceania and Europe.

[ Pictured above - A Contact Mic ]

The Swiss manufacturer of contact microphones and acoustic amplification systems continues to grow its business and targets seven new territories. This move makes Schertler's brand of acoustic amplifiers, pickups and instruments more accessible to people in the said regions.

They named five new distributors in Europe: GVI Vertriebs GmbH of Freistadt for Austria, PB Music BV for Benelux, SC Sound for Denmark, IMS Distribution for France and Waltons Music of Dublin for Ireland.

Schertler's latest Asian based distributor is Seoul based Soundstream Co. Ltd, adding to an existing network of Schertler MI and pro audio distributors in Japan, Singapore, China and Thailand. Spreading their products in Australia is Dynamic Music, based in Brookvale NSW.

Drago Dujak, Schertler’s International Sales & Marketing Manager, commented: “We are very pleased to officially welcome all our new distribution partners. Their combined experience and expertise in both the musical instrument and pro audio markets is extremely important to our future business success and we look forward to building some strong working relationships. Going forward into 2013, we aim to expand further in areas such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East and are always interested to hear from potential partners in those regions.”

Schertler is known for their acoustic instrument amplification technology, covering pickups, amplifiers and speakers. Their unique approach to harnessing acoustic vibrations have resulted in several international patents, most notable of which is the STAT electrostatic bridge pickup technology found in the classic range of sensors for bowed instruments. Other developments have included the unique “air chamber” technology that is an integral feature of the Lydia guitar sensor range.

You can check Schertler's various products by visiting Schertler online.

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