Simmons SD1500KIT Electronic Drums

Simmons Drums introduce their new flagship model SD1500KIT electronic drums, a 6-piece drum kit with hi-hat and 3 multi-zone cymbals.

Simmons SD1500KIT

This affordable kit brings you quite a lot of cymbals and pads right out of the box, a configuration typically found on more expensive electronic drum kits.

The official press release says, "While most of today’s affordable electronic drum sets compromise on sound or ergonomics, the Simmons SD1500KIT is the first electronic kit of its kind to deliver a wide-ranging palette of ultra-realistic sounds in a full-sized, full featured, professional quality drum set that focuses on both sound and feel."

This kit features a 6-piece drum kit, four of which you can configure for toms and other sounds. The triple-zone snare and tom pads feature Simmon's Variable Attack Response (VAR) technology, designed to reproduce feel and vibe of your beat by capturing the nuances of your playing. The 9" kick pad is bigger to accommodate double bass pedals.

These pads are paired with a hi-hat that is designed to be easy to setup and play. The multi-position hi-hat pedal allows for closed, open and semi-open hi-hat sounds. Three dual-zone crash cymbals are also included, which you can "choke" with your hand, much like acoustic cymbals.

For improved response and realism, Simmons equipped this kit with a total of 22 trigger points. This means that it is possible to play this kit with expressive sonic variations and dynamics.

This is what the company says about the drum module, "Simmons’ flagship SD1000 Digital Sound Module has been upgraded and enhanced with a completely new custom sound library featuring more than 500 ultra-realistic samples of the most popular classic and modern drum kits. With full 64 voice polyphony, full programmability, and powerful on-board processing, Simmons’ exclusive Variable Attack Response programming delivers some of the most responsive dynamic velocity sensitivity available, with alternating sample playback for even more realistic, expressive sound."

Simmons Product Manager Jim Norman concludes, "This exciting new kit truly outshines and outplays anything else in its class. The new SD1500KIT is ideal for drummers looking for a low-volume rehearsal kit, for schools or churches needing a full size, low-impact stage setup, or for small and mid-sized project studios where recording acoustic drums might not be an option. Whether you’re practicing, recording, or performing, the SD1500KIT is designed to deliver the goods.

The new Simmons SD1500KIT Electronic Dums is expected to retail for just under $1,000. Visit Simmons Drums for other details.

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