sir Sampleton - Sampling Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

sir Sampleton - Sampling Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Paul Slocum, AKA "SOFTOFT TECHECH", has realeased a sampling keyboard app for iOS devices.

Paul is known for the music software that he created for the Atari 2600 game console and a printer, his band Tree Wave in which he uses his custom software, his artwork which has shown in museums in New York and internationally, his composition of the Metro PCS cell phone company's Hello Hello Hello jingle, and his new media art gallery called And/Or Gallery that he operated in Dallas, Texas for a few years.

The idea behind sir Sampleton was to allows people to be creative while having heaps of fun at the same time. sir Sampleton has an easy interface and intuitive process, yet has features that deliver advanced functions for professional musicians and producers.

"I designed sir Sampleton as a simple toy-like app that, with some added advanced features, makes it useful for professional musicians to use as an instrument for recordings or live performances," says developer Paul Slocum, a Brooklyn musician, new media artist, software programmer and iPhone App designer.

sir Sampleton is a sampling keyboard iPhone App, which means it can record sounds through a microphone that can then be played on a keyboard. The user can create unique sounds with their own voice or with noisy objects around the house, save it as a musical note sample, and then play it back on the App's keyboard.

"sir Sampleton was inspired by the Casio and Yamaha sampling toy keyboards of the '80s," explains Slocum who created the musical "Hello, Hello, Hello" jingle for the Metro PCS commercial, "These classic keyboards were great toys but are now expensive because they are in demand by professional musicians for their warm, low-fi sound. Now you can have the same sound, functionality and simple operation with Sir Sampleton which also has features the old toy keyboards lacked, like the ability to save samples."


  • Sample through the microphone and then play your samples on the dual keyboards
  • Save and recall your samples
  • Add rhythm with the built-in beats and random beat generator
  • Tweak advanced sound settings such as vibrato, note trail length, and sample time
  • Put one sample on each keyboard in dual-sample mode


  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
  • 5.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
sir Sampleton is $2.99 USD and available through the App Store

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