Cakewalk: Sonar X1 Expanded, PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module, and the Sonar X1 Production Suite

Cakewalk has just released two add-ons and a bundle package aimed at SONAR Producer users, or would be users. It adds more features to the already extensive toolset and will help your music productions gain new delivery options.


Sonar X1 Expanded: - ($49 MSRP)

Sonar X1 Expanded
  • ProChannel is now improved with fully modular capability. ProChannel strips now features enhanced flexibility, you can have any combination of installed modules available on any channel. And for easier set ups, you can set your favorite combinations as default for tracks and busses.

  • Added Softube's Saturation Knob, a simple frequency saturation controlled by a single knob. Great for adding preferred tube warmth to your tracks.

  • New and improved FX Chains 2.0 now features a fully customizable plug-in interface. You can assign sliders and knobs to any effect parameter within the chain, you can also drag and drop FX chains from the browser into tracks or individual clips. It also features customizable interface skins for more inspired tweaking.

  • You now have more delivery options with the built-in SoundCloud Integration. You can now directly upload and share your songs in any bit /sample rate to SoundCloud. Giving you a quick way of sharing, promotion and gathering feedback.

  • Sonar X1 Expanded now supports Music XML, the standard distribution format for notation and sheet music. You can now simply export your music into XML for use with other Notation programs, so you can quickly share the details of your music with your preferred musicians or bandmates.

PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module: - ($49 MSRP)

>PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module
  • Introduces a gate function, with classic design and vintage sound modeling, used for removing noise and unneeded sound from your audio signal.

  • Toggle between Expander and Gate mode.

  • Standardized Ratio, Range and Threshold controls

  • Can enable side chain input and Fast Attack

SONAR X1 Production Suite - ($499 Street Price)

SONAR X1 Production Suite

The Sonar X1 Production Suite is Cakewalk latest music produciton bundle for Windows users. The main feature of the new Sonar is the "Skylight". It is all about workspace efficiency and simplicity. It provides an intelligent interface that turns your music production from clutter and chaos into a beautifully designed inspiring clean workspace.

Included in the Sonar X1 Production Suite are:

  • Sonar X1 Producer - Main production program
  • Sonar X1 Expanded - Expansion and addon
  • PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module - Expander and Gate modulation effect
  • Z3TA+ 2 - Wave shaping software synthesizer

Head Over to for more information on the Sonar X1 Expanded, PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module, and the SONAR X1 Production Suite.

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