Sonar X3 Power! Guide Book

Scott R. Garrigus expands his series of DAW software guides with his latest book, the SONAR X3 Power!

SONAR X3 Power! Book

This book is meant to be a comprehensive guide that exclusively deals with Cakewalk's Sonar X3 MIDI and digital audio sequencing capabilities.

Sonar X3 Power! (ISBN:978-1-305-09019-4) adds to the previous Sonar books that Garrigus has published. It provides detailed training that will help you make the most of the latest version of Cakewalk's powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) software, Sonar.

The book is written for both experienced users and beginners, everything from setup to final mix is covered with clear, step-by-step instructions and exercises.

The official press release says, "If you're a new user, you'll start with the fundamentals and learn to use Sonar for recording, editing, producing, mixing, and sharing your music with the world. If you're an experienced Sonar user, you'll learn the details about all the exciting new features in Sonar X3 and you'll fine-tune your workflow and improve your music-making."

This new book is touted as the most complete guide to Sonar X3 available, dealing initially with the most basic and mundane aspects and goes on to the software's more advanced features. The book specifically covers working with SONAR files and navigating projects to advanced editing, surround sound, automation, and more."

New topics covered include:

  • Comping Record Mode
  • Comping with the Smart Tool and Comping Tool
  • Speed Comping
  • Pitch and Timing Correction with Celemony Melodyne
  • Custom Track Colors
  • The new QuadCurve EQ Zoom window
  • ProChannel Tape Emulator
  • Tone2 BiFilter2
  • Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox
  • Nomad Factory Blue Verb DRV-2080
  • Addictive Drums
  • AAS Strum
  • Acoustic Session
  • AAS Lounge Lizard Session
  • SONAR X3a, b, c, d, and e updates and many more

The new book SONAR X3 Power! is currently available at an introductory discount off the list price of $49.99. You can get more information and have a preview of the book by visiting the Garrigus website.

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