Sonic Studio to showcase the New Amarra at the 8th RMAF

Sonic Studio to showcase the New Amarra at the 8th RMAF

Sonic Studio will showcase the new and improved Amarra at the upcoming 8th Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Denver.


Having been awarded "RMAF Best show of 2009" and the "Golden Ear Award 2010", RMAF regulars will expect something new from Amarra this year.


Sonic Studio will meet this expectation head on at the Denver Marriot Hotel. They will debut Amarra 2.3 in front more than 3,500 audio enthusiasts from October 14 to 16, 2011.

Sonic Studio will be showcasing the new Amarra 2.3 family. They will wow the audience with Amarra's new and efficient look which matches its upgraded level of sonic quality and analog warmth. They will also feature the new integration capabilities of the Amarra, for use with popular programs like iTunes.

A variety of gear and audio equipment, from affordable to expensive ones, will highlight the Amarra line. These equipment include Focal, Sonic Studio, Parasound, Soundstring and Wireworld.

Participants of the 2011 RAMF will expect to see introductions and demonstrations of the Amarra 2.3, Junior and MINI. For Vinyl capturing enthusiasts, Sonic Studio will also feature the Amarra VINYL - a comprehensive vinyl audio restoration toolset. Other announcements will be made as well like OEM program options for premium audio manufacturers and planned partnerships.

Amarra 2.3

The current MSRP for Amarra 2.3 is $695. Discounted price options are available for product upgrades.

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