Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangouts

Soundation Studio combines with Google+ Hangouts to allow for real-time online collaboration of up to nine users.

Soundation Social Music Creation

Soundation Studio is an advanced online music making app that feature 11 real time effects, 8 virtual instruments, automation, imports wav & midi files, recording and includes over 800 royalty free audio clips from the PowerFX sound library. This web-based music production software makes the digital music making more accessible and convenient. Anyone with an internet connection can simply log into Soundation and make digital music.

This new team up with Google+ will expand the capabilities of this online music making app. According to PowerFX Systems, creator of Soundnation, they are hoping to impact the digital music world by combining their cloud-based music production software with the video calling feature of Hangouts. This will allow more collaborations, which in turn will help boost music creativity and production.

Bil Bryant of Soundation said "Digital music making is usually a solitary affair. You sit in front of your computer and make your music or your remix, but with the Soundation in Hangout combination, a whole new collaborative experience is available. The video element and the potential of engaging anyone with an internet connection really expands the possibilities."

To jump start this milestone, Soundation teamed up with artist Daria Musk to create their first social music making remix contest. Daria is a successful artist in Google+ with over 3 million followers, her song "Ghost" is going to be used for the contest.

All you have to do to join the contest is to use Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangouts and ask your friends to help you create the best remix of Daria's song. You then publish your remix to a Soundation group where each remix can be listened to and voted on by others. The winner will then be selected by Daria and dancer Karen Cheng from the top ten most voted remix submissions.

The winners will receive a Meet and Greet with Daria and Karen to explain the remix which will be broadcast via Hangout On Air to YouTube. Karen will make a video of herself dancing to the winner remix and post it on YouTube and Soundation will supply a Chromebook Pixel.

To join the Daria Remix contest, visit Soundation.

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