Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp Plugin

Studio Devil introduces the Virtual Tube Preamp Plugin, based on a class-A biased, vacuum tube preamplifier.

Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp Plugin

Known for their guitar tube amp modeling software, Studio Devil now makes their tube modeling technology available for all types of tracks.


This newest preamp plugin is designed to give your tracks the natural warmth and compression found on old tube amplifiers.

It digitally simulates the entire analog circuitry of a discrete class-A vacuum tube preamplifier, including the vacuum tube and the effects of biasing resistors and capacitors.

The plugin emulates the sound and all the nuances brought about by the analog components. Its soft limiting properties and dynamic warmth will give your digital recording the analog touch that listeners are familiar with.

Marc Gallo, Founder and CEO of Studio Devil, had this to say about the Virtual Tube Preamp Plugin:

"This product marks a new advancement in non-linear circuit modeling. We have created new algorithms and techniques to improve the accuracy and authenticity of vacuum tube and analog circuit modeling that we like to call "second-generation"" Studio Devil technology. By focusing on modeling a single-stage tube preamp, we have been able to place a larger amount of CPU resources on this one task. The result is the most advanced and highly accurate digital reproduction of tube preamp analog circuitry.

At Studio Devil, we have the slogan: "Desire Analog...Embrace Digital." I am proud that this product enables us to continue to live up to this mission. And, I am equally proud that you have chosen to invest in us to create your tone.

The Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp Plugin (VTP) is currently available with an introductory price of $99 up to December 31, 2012. Existing owners of other Studio Devil plugins can avail of a 20% loyalty discount. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows in VST, AU and RTAS formats. For more information, you can head over to Studio Devil.

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