NAMM 2013 - New Effect Rack Models

The Effect Rack, a nifty and versatile rack holder, is set to debut with 3 new models at the coming 2013 NAMM Show.

The Effect Rack

The Effect Rack is a versatile contraption that lets you conveniently attach and secure virtually all music related devices, including but not limited to tablets, pedals, audio interfaces and effect racks onto the top of your amplifier.

It looks like a modified hanger, which you attach to your amp via the handles. Once installed, it can then be used as a mounting bracket for devices, racks and effects that you normally place hap-hazardly beside, or on top of your amplifier. Its unique design leverages friction and the amp handle to hold your precious items in place.

The Original Effect Rack model lets you secure 1U space devices such as the G Major rack effect, Digitech GSP 1101, wireless receivers and other small gadgets. You can even use it to hold music pieces when practicing!

The Dual Effect Rack model has a larger space, designed to safely carry two 1U space devices or bigger 2U space devices like DI boxes, Speaker emulator, mini amplifiers, or any other half rack devices.

Build for attaching to amplifiers with odd handles, a third model called Mini Effect Rack is also available. You can use it to secure 1U space devices, pedals and other small rack effects onto amplifiers with different handles.

Mini Effect Rack

One look at the Effect Rack and you can see that it is quite nifty both in live and studio situations. You can use it as an iPad stand or even as a music stand, and it will help you keep your gear safe and at the same time give you a more organized and clutter free place to play your music.

Since it has an open design and simply clips on your gear, the Effect Rack is quite versatile and will secure virtually all of your small to medium sized effects rack and gadgets. If you don't want your gadget falling over, or worse being accidentally stepped on during practice or performance, you might want to consider this as an affordable investment.

The original Effect Rack is currently retailing for $27.9, the Dual Effect Rack is priced at $29.95, and the Mini Effect Rack is priced at $24.95. The three latest product models of The Effect Rack is set to be shown at the Winter NAMM 2013 Hall C Booth #4773, Anaheim Convention center from January 24th to 27th.

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