VCVCBC - Songwriting App

Create your very own song with the VCVCBC, a cool songwriting app for the iPad.

VCVCBC - Songwriting App

Whenever and wherever inspiration for a new song strikes, VCVCBC is ready - if the spark came from a lyrical idea, melody, chords or rhythm, this app will help you start your song.

The problem with song ideas - is they usually come in unexpected and don't stay very long, that is why having a nifty app like the VCVCBC means no song idea will go to waste as long as you have your iPad with you.

This songwriting app will let you "write" down your melody without even knowing a piano or scales, you can also group chords together without touching an instrument and you can start out a rhythm with just your hand tapping on everyday objects.

VCVCBC approaches songwriting in a unique way - by letting you begin from any song element – lyrics, melody, chords or rhythm – and turn into a chord chart, complete with melodic and rhythmic ideas. This way, you'll never a song idea again.

If you came up with a cool phrase you can use this app to write it down and to start building up the rest of the lyrics with the help of its built-in rhyming dictionary. The app automatically suggests words to rhyme or you can manually highlight the words that you need to rhyme.

If improvising melody lines over chord progressions is your thing, this app carries with it 20 sets of common chord progressions that you can assign to playable guitar. You can then easily go through the chord progression to work out your melodies or even use it to back you up when showing it off to your friends.

If like many, inspiration struck in the form of an unrelenting melody, you can use this app to find the pitch in your head and write down your melody. You can also select your scale and the app will highlight notes that you'll probably use.

If you got a good rhythm running through your veins, this app can let you drive the beat and store the pattern just by tapping on the iPad as you would on a desk - albeit lighter as you wouldn't want to break your iPad's screen.

Finally, VCVCBC will put them all together in a song by combining the lyrics and chords with each the song can hold a melodic or rhythmic sketch so you can easily recall how the song was supposed to sound like. You can store your song for future use or you can update and rearrange it until you are sure that it is just the way you want it to. Once you are happy with it, you can share it with a band by emailing your chord chart as a PDF.

The VCVCBC app is currently available at the iTunes app store for $9.99. For more information you can visit Okeedoke Studios.

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