Virsyn Winter Promo and 64 bit OSX Update

Virsyn announces the availability of native 64 bit Mac OS X versions of six of their popular plugins, and also announces their Winter Promo.

Virsyn 64 bit OSX Update

The Virsyn Winter Promo will run until February 28, 2013, giving you the chance to purchase their plugins at discounted prices.

With this promo, most of their effects plugins are now available for only € 99 each, including VTape, TDesign, Bark, Fdelay, Reflect, Klon, Cube, Tera and Poseidon. The plugins Matrix and Prism are also discounted with a special winter price tag of € 129 each.

Aside from the winter special offer, Virsyn also unveiled 64 bit Mac OS X versions of some of their plugins. The updated plugins cover a wide range of effects, and with their 64 bit compatibility, you can now better utilize higher RAM and modern Mac hardware for improved performance and multitasking.

The list of updated plugins include:

  • Bark - a multiband filter that is designed to mimic the natural compression used by human ears.
  • FDelay - a 27 band real-time multiband delay.
  • Prism - a pitch shifter that splits the spectrum and applies the right amount of frequency shifting to each band.
  • Reflect - a versatile reverb effect that combines algorithmic reverbs and of convolution based reverbs.
  • TDesign - a transient former that gives you control over the attack and sustain characteristics of natural sounds.
  • VTape - an analog tape suite plugin that gives you analog tape saturator and tape delay.

The updated 64 bit Mac OS X versions are offered free of charge to existing 32-bit users. For more information and other details, you can visit Virsyn

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