NAMM 2013 - WiMN "She Rocks Awards"

The NAMM Show hosted the first annual Women’s International Music Network (WiMN) breakfast and She Rocks Awards.

Orianthi, Nik West and Brittany Maccarello

The event, held in partnership with NewBay Media, was attended by more than 250 music industry professionals last January 25, 2013.

Women’s International Music Network Founder Laura B. Whitmore hosted the event. Also known as the writer of Guitar World’s "Guitar Girl’d" column, she led the awards event as a tribute to the standout women of the music industry.

Whitmore was quoted saying: “It was exhilarating to have so many talented and dedicated women join us for this ground breaking event. I was truly moved by the support and enthusiasm so many shared for the launch of the Women’s International Music Network and She Rocks Awards. There is no doubt we will be back for the 2014 Winter NAMM show.”

A host of big name female artists were honored during the event - first of which is producer and songwriter Holly Knight, who received the “Mad Skills” award. Orianthi, the popular PRS wielding guitar prodigy received the "Inspire" award. Tish Ciravolo, President of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, received the "Vision" award for their dedication to creating especially crafted instruments for girls and women. Another deserving winner of the event was President of Peavey Electronics Mary Peavey, she received the “Icon” award.

Tish Ciravolo - Daisy Rock Girl Guitars President

Other winners include Senior Vice President of Operations for Guitar Center Laura Taylor, who received the “Champion” award; Musicians For Equal Opportunities for Women (MEOW) Founder Carla DeSantis Black, who received the “Endurance” award; and Pauline France of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation’s corporate PR department, who received the “Next Generation” award.

The WiMN breakfast and She Rocks Awards kicked off with a performance by international touring artist and author of Guitar For Girls: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Acoustic or Electric Guitar, Ali Handal, followed by a vocal warm up lead by Susan Carr, professional vocal coach and developer of the app The Art of Screaming. It concluded with an electrifying performance by guitarist Orianthi, bassist Nik West, and drummer Brittany Maccarello.

For more information about the Women’s International Music Network, you can visit The WiMN.

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