Xenyx QX Series Mixers

Behringer and Klark Teknik have joined forces to produce eight new Xenyx QX Series Mixers, available in 10 to 24 input configurations.


These new mixers feature custom-designed effects by Klark Teknik and they have built-in compatibility with Behringer's ULM digital wireless microphones.

The Xenyx QX Series mixers feature Behringer's Xenyx mic preamps with one-knob mono channel compressors, +48 V phantom power and "British" 3-band EQs. The controls are designed to provide warm and musical sound shaping across a broad tonal spectrum. The mixer also comes with built-in USB/audio interfaces for quick integration into your computer or laptop.

On the effects side of things, the Klark teknik engineering team incorporated high-end FX processors with 32 studio-grade presets with dual addressable parameters, Tap function and storable user parameter settings. The effects have their own dedicated level meter and is designed to provide a wide range of enhancement options, from mild to wild.

Behringer described the flagship model QX2442USB as the flagship of the Xenyx QX USB Series. It has 10 state-of-the-art, XENYX-powered mic inputs, 4 stereo channels, 4 Aux Sends, 4 stereo Aux Returns, plus it comes with the easy to use “one knob” compressors on all mono channels. Other features exclusive to the QX2442USB are: four subgroups for mixing flexibility; L/R Main Inserts (the ideal path for connecting graphic equalizers or compressor/limiters); and 8 each Direct Outs and Sub Outs for analog recording purposes.

The Xenyx QX Series USB mixers are ideal for all live sound, recording and podcasting applications and it follows Behringer's affordable product philosophy. These mixers are affordable even for those on a tight budget. As an added bonus, you can download a free recording/editing software directly from behringer.com, turning any Mac or PC computer into a complete, high-performance audio workstation. All models are covered by BEHRINGER's 3-year limited warranty program.

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