XLN Audio Vintage Dry ADpak

The Vintage Dry ADpak from XLN Audio is now available, featuring authentic '70s era drum samples for Addictive Drums.

XLN Audio Vintage Dry ADpak

XLN Audio also Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak, the MIDI companion for the Vintage Dry ADpak expansion library.


This new '70s inspired sample library brings back the drum sounds of decades past for modern producers to enjoy. XLN Audio meticulously sampled a vintage Ludwig Silver Sparkle Kit to get dry, fat and crisp drum samples reminiscent of the sounds used on '70s era records.

During the '70s, separation and sonic control was given priority. To achieve this, engineers and artists relied on old school methods like using paper towels, blankets and newspapers to dampen the sound. Bee Gees, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young are just a few of the artists that exemplified this classic drum sound. Now XLN Audio is bringing back this thick and punchy drum sounds, for Addictive Drums users to enjoy.

Contemporary applications of '70s style drum sounds are currently being put to work by Daft Punk, Miike Snow and Justice. The Vintage Dry ADpak will let you join this trending revival, giving your tracks a convincing '70s groove and character.

This sound library comes with over 40 mix ready presets, and it comes with extra Sonor Phonic Kick and Snare for variations. You can purchase Vintage Dry ADpak directly through XLN Audio for 49.95 EUR.

XLN Audio also released the Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak, meant to take advantage of the vintage drum sounds of Vintage ADpak. It comes with hundreds of tight and precise grooves, carefully selected to emulate drum playing from the '70s.

XLN Audio had professional drummers create the groove to ensure that they are tight and yet still have that human feel. This MIDI companion bundle comes with over 200 live recorded MIDI files, which you can use to make quick old school drum beats. You can pick between the many beats, fills, and even complete songs - speeding up the process of making drum tracks without reducing the quality of your musical projects.

The Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak is available ala Carte for 19.95 EUR. You can also get both the MIDI and Sound Library in the Vintage Dry Bundle, with a price tag of $59.95.

For more information and to check out other Addictive Drum expansion libraries, visit XLN Audio.

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