Yamaha CP4 Stage Digital Piano

Yamaha announces the CP4, featuring 88 natural wood keys and hammer action with multiple piano and electric piano sounds.

Yamaha CP4

This new digital piano is labeled by Yamaha as their best stage digital piano, combining acoustic piano feel with modern sound modeling.

Since digital pianos are perceived to have piano like touch and response, Yamaha utilized natural wooden keys with synthetic ivory key tops so that the keys will literally feel like that of a Grand piano. The 88 keys also come with "Graded Hammer" action, where the keys in the upper register are lighter and the lower ones heavier.

Another interesting feature about this piano's playability is improved keystroke detection, it allows you to play the same note repeatedly with articulation. These features combine to give you the closest piano like feel that Yamaha can offer.

While other digital piano's are normally limited to a one or two piano sounds, Yamaha equipped this piano with three distinct grand piano sounds, modeled from their own collection of hand-crafted instruments.

The CFX model is based on the flagship concert grand piano model, featuring big projection and dynamic sound. This sound is ideal for cutting through bands and ensembles. The CFIIIS model is based on another hand-crafted grand piano with a slightly darker tonality. It is described as being ideal for smaller ensembles like a jazz quartet. The S6 is the warmest and most delicate sounding of the three, ideal for solo playing or for solo vocal accompaniment.

Yamaha CP4

Aside from the above mentioned grand piano models, the CP4 also features vintage electric piano models that cover different musical eras. Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology also lets you add in classic stomp box effects like the phaser to your sound, these effects played an important part in making the electric piano sound popular especially in the '70s.

The CP80 electric grand is based on an authentic grand piano with pickups that convert the vibration into an electrical signal. The DX7 is based on Yamaha's own DX series that came out in the early '80s. The Wr model emulates the hammer and resonator sound prevalent in the '60s and '70s. These are just a few of the EP (electric piano) sounds available within CP4.

Controls and voice changing are designed to be easy to use, while the layer and split capability wraps up the features of the CP4, easy to adjust in real time. Finally Yamaha wanted the CP4 to be portable, packing all the above features into an instrument that weighs 38.5 lbs. Here is a video demo that showcases many of the CP4's features:

The CP4 Stage Digital Piano is scheduled for release this October, with a tag price of around $2,200. Visit Yamaha for the complete specifications and other details.

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