RSS Feeds for Hitsquad Websites

Hitsquad has three main RSS (Really Simple Syndication) newsfeeds which you can access via a newsfeed reader. In addition to this, individual RSS feeds for each program listed in the SMM software directory are also available.

The three main feeds are:

Shareware Music Machine New Software Releases:
All the new and updated software (including plug-ins) added each week.

Hitsquad/Shareware Music Machine Music Software News/Tech News/Features:
The latest music software and technology news, features, interviews, Hitsquad blog and competitions. Guitar News
The latest guitar news. Includes new guitar models, amps, effects, reviews, tips and lessons, plus much more.

Also available is New Lessons and Guides:
Learn from the pros. Lessons, guides and inspiration on guitar playing, song writing, singing, mixing, recording and lots more.

What's a newsfeed?

Instead of clicking through a number of websites to find out about the latest updates, you can use a newsfeed reader to access this site (and many others). Our three newsfeeds will keep you on top of the latest software additions to Shareware Music Machine, news stories and interesting discussions happening in our main software forum.

How do I access a newsfeed?

You will need to download and install a news feed reader. Hitsquad recommends RssReader for Windows users, available for free at Other choices are Amphetadesk (Windows, Macintosh and Linux), FeedReader, Newzcrawler or NewsGator.

COPY THE URL'S below to your feed reading software to subscribe. [Graphical Guide] If your browser has feed reading capabilties (ie. Opera, FireFox), you can click the link.

Shareware Music Machine New Software Releases -

Hitsquad/Shareware Music Machine Music Software News/Tech News/Features: - Guitar News: - New Lessons and Guides: -

Software feeds

You can also be notified via RSS when a program you are interested in has been updated on Shareware Music Machine. Be it one program, or 20, when it's updated we will let you know.

How do I access individual software newsfeeds?

Each software page contains a "RSS NOTIFY ME" icon. Simply RIGHT CLICK it and COPY SHORTCUT to obtain the URL. You can now use that URL to subscribe to the feed in your RSS software. See below for more detailed instructions.


(using Internet Explorer and RssReader)

Step 1

On Shareware Music Machine, visit the page of the software you are intrested in.

Step 2

Right click the RSS Notify Me button and click Copy Shortcut. You can now paste this URL into your feed reading software.

Step 3

Open RssReader, select "Add" and then paste in the feed ( Ctrl + V ) if it's not already in the input box. After, simply hit next.


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